Eyelash Extensions Accreditation

Carole Charles founder and owner of Ceecees beauty and training has been in the lash industry for 17 years and has seen a big change over the years and has kept up her skills in both teaching and client care. This information is very important for anyone wishing to become an Eyelash extension technician.

Eyelash extensions have never been a part of the beauty scope meaning if students attended a government accreditation in beauty therapy eyelash extensions were not a compulsory subject. Because of this reason it has been a very grey area with no rules or standards to be applied for institutes offering training or for therapists performing this service on clients.

Carole has seen that the result of this has led to very bad non-certified training being offered to students mostly just lash artists themselves offering training without having any teaching qualifications. Also, with the market now being saturated with so many lash artists

Unfortunately, the standard of work being performed on clients has resulted in very bad eyelash extension application which we have heard and seen. This really has not been the fault of technicians as many are self-taught or have not received certified training and salons have not had their staff certified correctly or the technicians are taught on the job without given a certificate of training this all leads to the standard being very low.

The industry is now changing, and this has been recognized as a big problem in the beauty industry. Just recently Eyelash extensions has now been added to the beauty scope and will be an elective subject what this means is Eyelash extensions will now be an accredited subject SHBBMUP001 Apply Eyelash extensions.

Ceecees beauty and training now offer the 2-day course as a nationally accredited subject.

All our trainers hold a cert 4 in training and assessment and have the upgrade which is compulsory for all trainers to have by April 2019 to be compliant.

If you are thinking of completing a course in Eyelash extensions, then please do your research on the training and trainers make sure it is certified and the trainers hold an up to date qualification this will insure and guarantee your certification will hold up in the industry if working in a salon or from home. Otherwise it could result in your training being null and void and you may need to pay to train again to obtain the correct qualification.

We also offer free ongoing support and mentoring for Free with no time limit for all students as we are very passionate about lifting the standard in the industry and helping our students achieve their goals and become female entrepreneurs who want to build a successful business.

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