If you’re considering getting eyelash extensions for the first time, then the next lot of words might overwhelm you, but don’t worry I’m going to explain each one, so you can make an informed decision when choosing your very first set.

Volume Lash, Classic Lashes; Clusters; Pre-Made Volume; Hybrid Volume; Express Lashes…

Overwhelmed yet? Don’t worry I’ll explain them all.

Everything listed above come under the term Eyelash Extensions as they are all extensions of some sort. They may offer different effects, and some are more temporary than others.
Classic Eyelash Extensions –I like to think of these as more the mascara look that some clients are wanting and are a great starting point for your first set. As Classic Lashes are single extensions in a similar thickness to your own lashes that are placed onto each natural eyelash that can support the extension. Your technician will use various lengths and curls to give you the look you desire and to suit your face and eye shape. These are generally ‘topped’ up every 2-4 weeks depending on your body chemistry, lifestyle and aftercare routine.

Russian Volume – True Russian Volume are really lightweight lashes (much lighter than classics) that are manipulated by hand or by the assistance of specially made tweezers to create a fan or bouquet of lashes that is then placed onto a single natural lash. This is a premium service due to the time and workmanship required to create these and the retention is much longer than other sets due to the skillful ‘wrapping’ of the fan around the natural lash as oppose to just placing on top.

Clusters & Party Lashes – These are one in the same, and are just that, for parties or short-term wear. They can be applied at home, by a technician or a makeup artist and are only to be applied with temporary glue-like Duo for example. They cannot be worn for more than a few days or you can expect some damage due to the weight of them as they are much heavier that other extensions and the natural lashes are not isolated as they are simply placed on top. So, remember; Just for parties.

Pre-Made Volume – These are fans or bouquets of lightweight lash extensions that are ‘pre-made’, they can be glued, or heat bonded at the base. The natural eyelashes are isolated, and a single fan is placed onto a single eyelash. While the hard work of handmade is done and can give the look of Russian Volume, they won’t last as long, and the finished look can sometimes not flow as well as Russian Volume as they can be a little ‘stiff’. But nonetheless they still give a great voluminous look but without the price tag.

Hybrid Volume – This is a mix of Volume Lash Extensions and Classic Lash Extensions using premade or Russian Volume. The effect is a textured look and is a great option if you’re a classic wearer and just want that little bit more from your set. Hybrid volume is also a great tool for customizing sets into looks such as ‘Kim K’ inspired where long lengths of classic lashes are strategically placed and filled in between with the volume extensions to give a spiky textured look.

Express Lashes – Sounds quick right? Because it is. These are quick because the process of isolation isn’t used and any of the above types of extensions (excluding Clusters and party lashes) can be used but are simply placed onto of the natural lashes using glue. These cannot be worn long term as they can be damaging to the natural eyelashes, as our eyelashes grow at different rates. The idea is for them to be completely removed after a short period of time.

Ceecees beauty and training do not offer express or pre-made lashes as we believe they are not good for your natural lashes

Check out some examples below of different types of eyelash extensions.

I hope this article has helped you to understand the different types of Eyelash Extensions. If you would like to discuss your concerns and what look you would like to achieve with your lashes then contact us. If you enjoyed this article and think it may help a friend, please share it with them.

Have a FabuLASH Day!

Carole Charles 21/10/2018