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Henna Brow Scrub 100g

Designed to remove the dead keratinized skin cells from the eyebrow area and promote a longer lasting colour. It is applied after priming and before cleansing. This will ensure a longer lasting effect of the henna colour on the hair and skin. Can also be used with regular tinting. The walnut shell particles prevent clogging of the pores by exfoliating the upper layers of the skin cells. This facilitates greater access of oxygen to the skin promoting better penetration of the brow henna pigment.

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We have sourced out the highest quality henna products from India that deliver in quality and performance.
These henna colours can be mixed for perfect tone and colour matching.
  • Herbal water-based product free of ammonia and resorcinol.
  • Harmless to the natural hairs
  • Excellent conditioning properties that stimulate natural hair growth
  • Long lasting on the skin and hair (especially stubborn grey hairs)
  • Conforms with the latest EU cosmetic regulations

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