Here’s How Much You Can Earn by Adding These Services!

Convert your 5-figure salary to a 6-figure one in no time with minimum outlay and time.

Upskill yourself with Brow Lamination and Lash Lift courses and see the $$$ roll in. We have laid out the potential earnings below based on a 5-day working week with the average service cost. Let’s face it – not many people earn $70 – $80 per hour, not even people with university degrees! Whether this is a side job or your full-time career, there are no negatives here!

What’s more – These are great services to add if you’re already a lash tech or beauty therapist!



Average cost per lift
Average cost per lamination

Our Lash Lift and Brow Lamination courses can be done separately, each course being $299 for 3 hours, or as a combo bundle training for $598 for 6 hours. We even have a duo kit that will work with both lamination and lash lift for $160 and will service up to 40 clients – that’s $3200 out of one kit! Products can be purchased individually when you run out, so it isn’t necessary to purchase a new kit every time. Due to the quick development in recent times, the solutions provided are sensitive for those brow hair, skin, and lashes. Unlike many lash lift products, they are not suitable for brow lamination.

Head to our website to view our course dates or get in touch with our friendly team to discuss options. We even have interest-free payment plans through Openpay. Book your spot today and don’t miss an opportunity to broaden your skillset!

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