What is Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) National Accreditation for Lash Extensions?

We offer RPL so you can obtain a statement of attainment
If you are interested and want to obtain national accreditation for your skills in eyelash extensions, we offer accreditation through RPL. If you are an existing Lash artist and are working in the industry in your own business or job and would like formal qualifications, then RPL is for you.

What is recognised prior learning?
Recognised prior learning (RPL) is a process through which students can gain
formal recognition for the skills, knowledge, and experiences they have acquired outside of formal education and training settings. It involves assessing and validating a student’s existing competency against the requirements of a certain qualification.

Why is RPL important?
Recognised prior learning (RPL) from a registered training organisation (RTO) is worthwhile because it allows people to get credit for the skills and knowledge they have gained through work experience, formal training, or other activities. It can save time and money by reducing the need to repeat previous not-recognised training and can help their progression in their career by obtaining formal qualifications based on their existing skills. This will also help them obtain insurance for their business.

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Is RPL a course?
No, RPL is not a course—it’s a process or application type for people to gain recognition for the existing skills they already have. It’s a pathway to demonstrate competency and receive credit or qualifications without undergoing formal training and submitting a portfolio of their work and evidence of their existing skills.

Why you should obtain a National Accreditation (RPL)
Recognised prior learning (RPL) offers people a pathway to formalise their existing skills and knowledge—saving time and money—compared to traditional training avenues.

Who can obtain RPL?
Anyone with relevant skills, knowledge, and experience can potentially obtain the RPL. This includes people with work experience, a previous non-accredited certificate of training, volunteering, hobbies, or any other form of informal training. The essential part is being able to demonstrate competency in the areas covered by the qualification or certification for which RPL is being obtained.

What certification is received after RPL?
RPL for Eyelash extensions units—upon completion of each unit, you will receive a statement of attainment. A statement of attainment is an official document issued by a registered training organisation (RTO) in Australia. It confirms that an individual has completed one or more units of competency from a nationally recognised training package or accredited course.

How do I enrol for RPL?
Simply apply via the Book Now link, or select National Accreditation on our website, or give our friendly team a call to book. This is an online component completed in your own time and space.

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