Instead of differentiating yourself on price, look for other ways to stand out from the rest. After being certified as a lash artist at client’s lashes outlast the competition while improving their lash health. Your technique is at the top of your game and the results cannot be compared to. Differentiate on value, artistry, health, safety, retention and outstanding customer care.

How many times have you had that loyal client go for a groupon somewhere else and then they come back to you because of the damage? Sometimes it takes a while but most clients do recognize the value that we provide to them.

As a lash professional, there are many ways to “give yourself a Raise and reward.


Differentiating on value, rather than cost but how do I actually increase my prices? I have been doing lashes for years and I am afraid if I raise my prices my clients may go elsewhere.

It is very Difficult to just raise your prices especially as competition grows, and you have done specials to get clients in the door. But there is a way to do it! It’s by offering an “upsell” or a value-added product/service to let clients choose to pay more for something better.

Here are some ideas:

Charge more for a different service: Color blending, diamantes,glitter,Volume lashes, advanced designs,Hybrid.  The idea behind this is that you still have your true service at the current pricing but clients have the option of paying more for something better in the same time frame. 9/10 people will switch if it’s a better product with a better value or just something different.  Give yourself a raise and reward for your skill and time. Clients not only pay for product and service but your time which is valuable. Remember your Income is $/HR worked so make sure the time and price increase make sense for you and your area and the general price rise of other things and services. Do some research on what percentage most things go up by each year and not just for the beauty industry. A yearly 2% rise on services is hardly noticeable and loyal clients won’t mind as it will be about $2-$3 which is less than a couple of dollars if its higher they might decide they can’t afford that and shop around.

For salon owners: Charge based on demand, if you have a stylist that is always requested and other stylists with more time. Create two different price points to balance the load and give the “Master” Stylist a raise.

2. See more clients per time allotted

Have prices for refills per week for e.g. 1 week 2-3 weeks and 3-4 weeks.  Make the This not only keeps clients in line and trained to have regular refills they are rewarded because a 3-4-week refill could be $80 and 2-3-week refill $60 you can fit more clients in if they go 3-4 weeks and paying $80 every 3 weeks is cheaper if they go every 2 weeks and pay $120 every month for e.g.  They get rewarded and you can fit in more clients.  when your client can go longer between fills, they are more likely to continue wearing the lashes and will save money. For example, a busy mom, I know they don’t have time to get their lashes filled every 2-3 weeks. They would gladly pay more to come less often and get better results. Plus, word will spread quickly that your superior work lasts longer and saves them time and money equaling more clients coming in the door.  When clients come less frequently, you may see more clients, at a higher rate! You will also have then more opportunity to sell retail so it’s a win win win. Again, we are differentiating ourselves.


This is so easy to do your client is laying on the bed for at least an hour take this opportunity to offer other treatments. Here are some examples of treatments to offer that can be added into their lash service. Offer collagen lip and eye pads that can easily add another $10 to every refill and can be sold as a deluxe lash refill which clients will love and make you different to other lash technicians. This takes no extra time but ads more $$$ instantly.

It would be wise to invest in doing some other short courses to add to your skills to offer clients like lashlift, tinting,waxing,spraytans,eyebrow extensions. You become a one stop shop. For e.g.if a client has an eyelash refill andan eyebrow wax and tint every time the service goes from on average from$60 to $95 just adding $10 on to every client in one week can earn you an extra $300 depending on how many clients you see per week. Ceecees beauty and training not only teaches eyelash extensions but also

Tinting, lashlift,waxing,spraytanning and eyebrow extensions.

4. Sell products

Products you can sell to your clients are cleanser, sealant and lash serums.

  • So How do we sell the cleanser?

How many times do you do amazing work to have the clients come back with a mess and say “my lashes aren’t lasting? You and I know home care is 90% of the battle.  It’s our job to educate our clients on this.

  • How do we educate and emphasize the importance of home care? 

We have the client sign the consent on first visit explaining that they must follow after care instructions to keep lashes healthy and safe.

Then we show the client how to clean the lashes, and where they actually learn to use the cleanser. At this time, before you actually start the service you explain that they will be going home with the cleanser today and must use it every day. Give them an after-care card explaining how to cleanse the lashes and write it in the consent form that they sign when they first visit. We lose a lot of time and energy each day switching between clients, cleaning linens, tools, setting up rooms. Not to mention when clients are late! We essentially can give ourselves a raise by offering Less clients more services. The client is already in the room and relaxed. Think of a list of quick and easy things you can add on to the appointment.  A typical lash client of mine will do her lash touchup, under lashes, brow tint, brow wax, Brow fill, nose wax, lip wax chin wax.  Income =$429 and takes me about 2 hours = $215/hour vs. $160 an hour ($200 per 1 hour touch up plus 15 minutes between clients.  Plus, then I have more clients to book up the rest of my day and week!



TO GET INSTANT CASH FLOW TO HELP THROUGH THESE TIMES OFFER REFILL PACKAGES FOR YOUR CLIENTS for e.g. purchase 5 refills upfront and get the 6th one free! Not only do you get at least $500 the client feels rewarded by getting a free refill it’s a win win for everyone. You can add this into your pricelist as a reward system or only offer it to clients when the cash flow is down.

For those that aren’t completely booked, how do I get there?  (Without putting myself on sale)

Social Media is a great way to get new clients through the door its free

on Instagram, utilize Hashtags cross promoting and your bios. I love Instagram because it’s a real-time portfolio of your work.  For now, make sure to follow @ceeceesbeautyandtraining and we can follow in return.

Facebook groups are great as well as face book fan pages.

Reviews are important. Make sure your best clients are reviewing you on sites such as google and true local.

Thanks for reading