Eyebrow Lamination Is Here to Give You Microbladed Brows Without Needling

Eyebrow lamination: It may sound like someone is going to bind your brows in plastic, but the reality is way better.

The new treatment, hailing from Europe and about to take the Australian beauty scene by storm, is like lashliftfor your brows.

Every hair stands to attention, giving a result very similar to the full and feathery effect of microblading, but without any needling or pain.

And if brow trends are anything to go, it’s going to be the must-have treatment of 2020 states Carole Charles owner of Ceecees beauty and training who now offers a 3 hours course in Brow lamination that also covers brow shaping and trimming.

Let’s get down to brow business.


According to Carole, the hype surrounding eyebrow lamination is well warranted.

“It’s the latest and most exciting treatment to hit the beauty industry, providing a painless solution for eyebrows that don’t have symmetry or where the hairs follow a different pattern,” she says.

Brow lamination involves straightening the brow hairs using safe chemical solutions.


The treatment works in three parts. A brow lift creamis applied first, to soften the hair, allowing your technician to manipulate them into the new direction of hair growth.

This is then followed with a nourishing neutralising cream to reconstitute the hair structure and set your newly moulded brows in place. Then a nourishing oil is applied and left onto your brows to condition the hairs and give the brows that slick shined look that is so desired right now. The oil will be washed off after 24 hours but to keep this look you can reapply a brow gel or oil.


The entire treatment takes less than an hour and is completed in a single appointment. Here’s how it goes down…

To start the treatment, clients lay in a comfortable reclining bed, with their eyes closed.The brows are prepared by cleansing them properly to accurately assess the natural brow and discuss with the client what shape and look they want to achieve also to eliminate any natural oils and oils from products to ensure the brow lamination process works correctly.

It’s recommended to grow out your brows for at least three weeks before your appointment in order for the technician to achieve the best possible shape.

The brow hairs are then combed and shaped into the desired direction with a water-soluble glue. Once combed, the formula is lathered on the brow and set with cling wrap.  The cling wrap setting time varies from brow to brow as everyone has a different brow texture and per product time frames.5-15 minutes will usually be enough for most brows. There can be a slight tingling while the cream is on, but nothing that should feel uncomfortable.

Next, the neutralising cream is applied over the brow and left to set the style. The last step a nourishing oil is then applied and left on.

This is then usually followed by a tint/henna and shaping/trimming (using either wax or thread) to achieve the desired colour and shape.


Directly after the treatment the brows will look very sleek and have a wet look about them, similar to freshly micro bladed brows.

This wet look lasts for 24 hours.Once washed they’ll return to fluffy again, or if you like the wet look, you can easily recreate it by applying a brow gel or serum.

During the lamination, the brow hairs will have been brushed and set so that they all follow the same direction of hair growth.

After the appointment, and even once washed, they’ll stay in this position for up to eight weeks. And whether you choose to wear them wet or dry, Carole says “the final result is thick, natural fluffy brows.”


While eyebrow lamination works on all types of eyebrow hair, Carole says those “who cannot tame their curly, unruly brows or have hairs that grow in random directions” will especially love the results.


For the first 24 hours after your appointment you’ll need to avoid getting them wet, meaning no hot steamy showers, saunas or exercise.

After this you can wet and cleanse your face with any of your favourite products and it won’t disrupt the shape of the brow.


Being a brand-new treatment, there aren’t too many technicians trained in eyebrow lamination in Australia at present but that will change as the trend becomes more popular.Carole suggests seeking out a reputable salon that offers Brow Lamination and that the staff are fully trained and qualified in this amazing new treatment and trend.

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