PH Balanced Skin = Better Tan.

Are you having problems with tans that are too lights, fade fast, just don’t take properly, perhaps your last tan was perfect and this time no so good? Here are the answers to most spray tan dramas.

You the salon owner have sprayed this client for a while now, then suddenly the tan doesn’t take so well, you did the same spray, used the same spray tan, the client said they did the same thing, so what changed?

Let me start by saying that 99% of spray tan issues are CLIENT related. There are only 3 things that we need to look at:

  1. Solution. Rarely is it the solution, especially if it doesn’t not contain Eryuthlose and it is from a reputable brand. The quality checks and balances from a manufacturer are huge. Less so for small private labels, so that is something to keep in mind. The best way to check is ask for retention sample data, ask about their micro- testing. My guess is that a small salon owner WILL NOT do any of this. That can lead to issues but more on that later.
PH balanced Skin
  1. The technician– that is you. Again, rarely but can happen. Do you have your gun set right, are you spraying the correct way, are you applying the right amount of solution, have YOU done a client consultation on every spray and noticed drier skin or poor skin turgour? Have you store your solution in a fridge?
  2. THE CLIENT. If you and your client are 100% honest you know this is where the problem really is. So many Factors affect skin Ph.

Let’s look at skin Physiology to explain this!

The surface of the skin is coated with a combination of skin oil, called sebum, and perspiration. This coating is called the “acid mantle.” The acid mantle protects the skin from damage, including sun and wind exposure, and from dehydration. It inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, reducing your risk of acne, allergies, blemishes, and other skin problems.

Exposing your skin to an alkaline substance can make it more vulnerable to problems including irritation, infection, dehydration blemishes, and increased exfoliation (cell turnover). In terms of spray tan this leads to blotchy and patchy results, increased sensitivity, decrease in the longevity of the tan due to increased cell turnover and the end colour result will be affected. Spray tan will not be absorbed as well by a dehydrated skin, which can in turn lead to a lighter end colour result.

There is an intimate relationship between digestive health and beautiful skin. A highly functioning and healthy digestive tract means fewer skin imbalances and irritations. The opposite is also true. A sluggish, weak, or overloaded digestive tract leads to inflammation, toxic build-up, and malnutrition. One or more of these problems can easily and rapidly lead to skin conditions like dehydration, premature wrinkling, loss of elasticity, hyperpigmentation, rash, and acne breakouts. This is not new information. What is interesting, though, is the link between digestive health (well, health in general) and pH balance in the body. The food we consume, stress levels, activity levels and emotions all play a part in pH balance. Foods, for example, are either alkaline or acidic. If we eat only acid-producing foods, our pH will be thrown off balance. Same goes for too much stress, not enough sleep, etc.

When we talk about acid or alkaline forming foods, we are talking about their effect on the body, not merely on their pH alone. For example, milk has a neutral pH of about 6 when it is sitting on the shelf of the fridge but drinking too much milk is acid forming in the system. If our body is too acidic, we are vulnerable to illness and infection. This could mean everything from breakouts and the common cold to more serious issues.

What do pH imbalance do to the skin:

Too much acid in the body causes inflammation and leaves the body vulnerable for bacterial invasion. Both symptoms of ill-health can lead to acne, hyperpigmentation, and other skin conditions. If we are eating a “dead” diet high in junk or fried food, meat, dairy and processed items without a healthy dose of fresh fruits and vegetables, we are simply asking for skin trouble. These foods are all acid forming in the system. It’s important to note that all animal-based protein is considered acid forming. All processed foods are acidic. Conversely, almost all fruits and veggies are alkaline (with some exceptions.). It’s about balance!


So, we now know that a normal skin pH is pH – 4.0-6.0. Although this is on the acidic side of the scale, the acidity helps the skin remain healthy, fend off bacteria, be less sensitive and work effectively. When the skin pH is over 6.0, there tends to also be present a lot of surface issues, such as dehydration of the skin, acne, skin diseases, hypersensitivity, patchy skin, itchiness, blotchy skin and so on.

In clinical testing this was proven to be correct.

In a week a of great eating, sleep and skin care you will be able to produce deep dark tan that lasted nearly 14 days.

Researchers took the same clients and changed each factor, the result when spray in the same solution keeping all other parameters the same was poorer results.

Then it was really put to the test and kept all factors the same EXCEPT for a marathon weekend in heat so (obviously the body was dehydrated for 48 hours). Then measured the tan in 1,2,3,4 ,5, 6 and 7 weeks. The biggest result change was a week 3 and 4. WHY? because dead skin and dehydrated skin shed about every 28 days. The tan depth of colour was the digested, the patchy wear was the greatest, and clients perceived happiness with the tan was the lowest.

So next time a client tells you they HAVE NOT changed anything, they may not think they have but the proof is in the evidence.

I WRITE THIS BLOG NOW, BECAUSE COMMING OUT OF WINTER (DEHYRATED, POOR SKIN CARE, HOT BATHS, COFFEE ETC) WILL AFFECT THE TANS 30 DAYS AFTER WINTER. Yep, that is usually around Sept, Oct – spring carnival etc. So, prepare yourself and your clients. Arm them with this education.

Before you Stress too Much – THERE is HELP!

Whilst this is no substitute for client education it certainly will help.

The complex nature of skin pH and the multiple variables that can affect skin pH: are the major reason why all professional spray tanners use a pre – spray in today’s modern world. Pre-Spray is formulated to lower the pH levels of the skin result in deeper more chocolate spray tan results. Adds Amino acids for the spray tan to work on and provides an ideal moisture environment in which the process can take place. It is the same reason why certain manufacturers of spray tan products ensure that Ph balance control of their products are ideal for the perfect transition to a deep chocolate colour.

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Hope this blog has helped 


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