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Isolating Tweezer Dolphin Shape

Suitable for classic and volume lashing. A lightweight 13cm tweezer with curved tip for easy separation/isolation in all areas of the eye.

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Ceecees have done years of research and trial of tweezers and tools to offer you the highest quality Japanese steel Eyelash Extension Tweezers and Lash Lift Tools. They are finished to a high precision for classic and volume lashing. All tweezers are hand tested to ensure perfect pickup point and alignment.

Our tweezers and tools range from 12cm-13cm finished in a white powder coating. Not only are our tools aesthetically appealing but perform to the highest of standards. We have a range of tweezers for classic and volume lashing as well as Lash Lift procedures.

Tips: When cleaning tools /tweezers only dip or clean the stainless-steel tip not the powder coating as this will dissolve. With our Diamond Tip Volume Tweezers (DO NOT) scrape these against other tweezers as it will scrape off the diamond coating that is there for grip.

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