Lash bond

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Lash Bond - 15ml

Maximise your retention & speed!

Are you losing clients because of poor lash retention? Do you want to boost your lashing speed and cut down application time? Trouble attaching your premade, promade, or handmade fans to the natural lashes?

If you’re struggling with any of these problems, Ceecees new Lash bond will help you solve them with our multi-use breakthrough technology product.

This game-changing product is specially formulated to add elasticity to the bonds of the adhesive, making them more flexible and less prone to breakage. Apply before application to help bond the adhesive. Also, if you use it at the end of the application too, it reduces the sensitivity and glue fume as it cures the adhesive right away without shock curing.

Lash Bond can be used at the base of Russian Volume lashes before making the fans to assist with the bases staying together and they can also be used on Volume lashes to keep them closed while making wet-look spikes.

Note: Lash Bond is NOT an adhesive. Please check out our glue range if you’re looking for lash adhesives.

Special features

  • Maximises lash retention by up to 30%.
  • Reduces irritation and sensitivity by curing adhesive instantly—clients can wet the lashes right after application.
  • Speeds up application time
  • Works with ANY adhesive, but especially recommended for low-humidity environments.
  • Cost-effective – 15ml bottle will last you up to 200 applications.
  • Flexibility to make your own spikes and different-sized fans
  • Made in South Korea for Ceecees.
  • Shelf life: 6 months once opened.
  • Multi-use product pre and post application.

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Our Lash Bond is formulated by our Korean supplier and meets all the international standards. No harsh chemicals are used in this product.

Material Safety data sheets are available for all our liquids.

How to Use

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  • Before the application, squeeze 1 small drop of Lash bond onto your micro wand and apply either at the bottom 2-3mm of the lashes you’ll be using or directly to the natural lashes.
  • Allow the product to dry for a minute and then start lashing. You should find that lashes are being attached much quicker.
  • Once you’re finished with the application, dispense another drop of Lash Bond onto a micro brush. Remove the excess amount to ensure it doesn’t seep into your client’s eye.
  • Gently apply at the very bottom of the lashes where the adhesive was used and let your clients open their eyes.

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