Eyebrow Thread

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 Organic Eyebrow Thread Roll (300m)


Organic thread specifically designed for Eyebrow and Full Face threading.



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Order an Eco- and Skin-Friendly Eyebrow Thread Online in Melbourne

Threading is just another method to remove unwanted eyebrow hair. This is both an easy as well as an inexpensive method that has the added benefit of protecting the skin. The process effectively lifts the hair from the follicle. Beauty experts at Ceecees Beauty and Training understand the importance of using an eco-friendly thread that is gentle on the skin.

Our Eyebrow Thread is specifically sourced from India. This thread is 100% cotton and is skin-friendly. The best part is that no harmful dyes or chemicals were used at any stage of thread-making, including the growth or even during its manufacturing process. These threads have Global Organic Textile certification. Owing to their skin-friendly properties, these threads are ideal for those beauty experts who hold the threads in their mouths. Furthermore, they also have antibacterial properties that protect the skin.

Which Type of Thread Is the Best for Eyebrow Threading?

At Ceecees Beauty and Training, we only offer high-quality products in Melbourne for achieving the best brow results. Our experts recommend that beauty technicians only use high-quality threads as it helps in preventing eyebrow hairs from snapping between the threads. Cotton threads have a better grip than their synthetic counterparts. You can buy Eyebrow Thread in individual rolls or a whole box of 8 in bulk from our online shopping portal.

Here are some benefits of using organic Eyebrow Thread:

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Has both eco-friendly and skin-friendly properties
  • Global organic textile certification
  • No harmful chemicals or dyes in either the growing stage of cotton or during the manufacturing process
  • Have antibacterial properties
  • Manufactured in India
  • Soft in comparison to other threads

At Ceecees, quality is our top priority. Feel free to contact our friendly team on 0437 376 969 or email us at ceeceesbeautyandtraining@gmail.com for more details on quality Eyebrow Thread.

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