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Ceecees beauty and Training reserve the right to amend any conditions due to circumstances relating to lockdown restrictions and students will be advised of any changes accordingly.

Travelling to salons or students will incur an $80 travelling fee per hour.

Students that book the Eyelash extension course will receive 10% off any other course training fee (kits not included).

Students booking 3 or more of the short courses will receive 10% off the total training fee (kits not included).

Salons training multiple staff members payment is required for each student and will receive 10% off each staff member if more than 2 staff members attend training.

One on One training fee for all courses is $300 per day

  1. A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of 50% is required (for each course you enroll in) to secure your place in the course unless using the payment plan or pay in full option. However, Students that need to defer their course with less than a week’s notice will incur a fee of half the course training fee cost to attend another course date up to 3 months from original date of course booked.  Students are allowed to defer up to 3 months from the original course date if required notice is given of no less than one week from course date start date. Any date past the 3 months students will have to pay full fees to attend another course date.  Students that do not attend their course without contacting to advise will be required to pay half the course fee rebooking fee to attend another course date. For exemptions, please contact the director to discuss.  This fee is required to be paid 1 day before the scheduled training date and any remainder course fees on the day of training. Open pay Payment plan terms and conditions please visit https://www.openpay.com.au   
  2. All outstanding training and kit fees must be paid in full on day one of training either by credit card, eftpos, bank transfer or cash. (We except American Express). Manual orders for outstanding fees can be paid via Openpay please contact us before your training date to arrange payment you will be required to download the Openpay App and set up an account.
  1. No refund will be issued after course commencement. Once you commence the course and if    you decide to withdraw from the course, full payment will not be refunded. If a student has transferred once within a 3-month period to another set course date and does not attend or cancels will result in the loss of funds for that training course and is required to pay the course fee again less kit costs to attend another training course.
  2. Ceecees beauty and training reserves the right to cancel or amend any course that does not have the required enrollment numbers.
  3. All withdrawals from any course with 1 weeks’ notice must be submitted in writing via email. (TEXT MESSAGE AND SOCIAL MEDIA MESSAGING WILL NOT BE EXCEPTED). Students withdrawing or deferring courses with less than 1 weeks’ notice are required to call the office straight away as well as submit in writing via email. Last minute withdrawals and emergencies must be done via a phone call as text messages and emails may not be seen outside of office hours.
  4. Certificates will not be issued to students that do not complete all theory and practical components of the training course. 
  5. No certificate will be issued to students who have not completed the course they are enrolled into or if they have not fully paid for the course after completion.
  6. Training kits purchased are an integral component of both the training course and your future practice. Should the students decide against pursuing a career in the course they have completed, the training and kit costs is non-refundable. 
  7. Models are strictly not allowed to participate or stay for the theory components of the training only the practical which they are required for unless authorized by the training coordinator.
  8. Children, animals or other people  are not allowed to be present for any training session unless authorized by Ceecees Beauty and Training.
  9. Students that need to postpone Day 2 of the eyelash extension course need to do so in writing with 48-hour notice. Students can attend another day 2 of a set course date only when a spot is available and will only be given a day’s notice to attend. Students wanting to complete day 2 on a day not allocated to a set training date will incur a fee of $500. Certificates will not be issued for just completing day 1. Day 2 will need to be completed within 6 weeks to receive your certificate. If the student cannot complete day 2 within the 6 weeks and has special circumstances, please advise in writing and each case will be handled and assessed by the director. If the student does not complete day 2 within the 6 weeks period, then they will have to enroll in another course and pay full fees. 
  10. Students that do not attend their training course booked due to special circumstances without 48 hours’ notice will need to advise in writing the reason and circumstances and might be required to supply evidence. Students will be able to book into another available training spot and will incur a fee of half the original course fee to cover costs. Each case will be revised by the director.  Lash Students also have the choice to organize one on one training to complete their course outside of a course set date which will incur a fee of $300 per day. 
  11. Course deposits can be transferred to other courses (excluding deposit for the classic lash course) as long as the required notice is given in writing to transfer the deposit to another course and that course date is booked within 1 month.  If there is no availability for the requested course within that month then the time frame will be extended to book into another course.
  12. Students requesting models to be supplied by Ceecees beauty and training will incur an admin fee of $100. Students wanting to advertise for their own models can join and advertise on the following facebook pages (Melbourne beauty models) and (Hair and beauty models melbourne) please read and follow the pages rules on posting for models.
  13. Videoing or photographing of any training session is strictly forbidden.
  14. Closed toe shoes, hair tied back, and appropriate clothing must always be worn during class.
  15. One on one training sessions can be arranged and will incur an extra training cost of $300 per day.
  16. For all courses Ceecees beauty and training will supply all product material used in training. Kits are available to purchase. The only products students will be required to use from any kit will be the eyelash extension tweezers.
  17. Students must have basic knowledge of English to attend group training. For non-English speaking students a one-on-one training session can be arranged with an interpreter present at an additional cost of $300 per day.
  18.     20. Students with special needs and requirements or mental and physical conditions that may affect your training please contact the office prior to training.


  • All fees for Nationally Accredited training are NON_REFUNDABE and cannot be transferred or used for other course deposits, training or kits.
  • Students that have started their training cannot receive a refund on the fee if they decide to withdraw or not complete the National Accreditation.
  • Nationally Accredited certificates will not be issued to students that do not complete or meet the requirements.
  • Students have one month to complete the Accreditation from the start of in-house training. Students requesting an extension will need to submit in writing and all cases will be handled by the Director of Ceecees beauty and training.
  • Students that request to cancel their enrollment in the Accreditation but still want to attend the Course as just certified training before the course start date must give 2 weeks written notice.
  • Students must have completed year 10 to attend training with consent from either parents or guardians.

Student Support

  • Students that have completed any training course with Ceecees will be offered free support and mentoring.
  • Students will receive a 2-hour free session to either come back into the training center and bring a model to troubleshoot with one of the trainers or in your own space via skype or facetime.
  • The 2-hour session can also be used to sit in on any part of another training course that you completed.
  • Free ongoing technical support, advise, and mentoring is available with no time limit after and during training via phone, text or email.
  • Any support will need to be authorized by the Director of the company and in writing.
  • Ceecees will continue to support all students via social pages and also via student success story section on the website to help support and promote your business whether working from home or having your own salon space. For more details contact Carole on 0437 376 969.

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