Tips To Improve Your Lash Lifts

Have you recently performed an eyelash lift treatment and the client has problems? This is nothing to worry about since you can take steps to be careful next time, but we understand how disheartening and stressful this situation can be.

The client might have got them lifted a few weeks ago, but they’re back to normal or some of the eyelashes are stuck together, and no matter how hard they try, they just won’t separate. They’ve just become droopy or worse, half of them still retain the effects of procedure, but the other half don’t.

There is no point in breaking your head over these issues because they are easily fixable. This just means that your application process lacked a few tips, and you might’ve skipped some essential steps to ensure things like these don’t happen. This article is all about tips that can come in handy when you’ve performed a lash lift procedure.

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Here are some tips that can help you avoid these unforeseen circumstances.

  1. Cleaning your skin before the procedure is a MUST.
    You cannot apply your adhesive solutions and more on skin and lashes that have not been cleaned thoroughly. This is the first rule and anybody who fails to follow this step will not get the best results post-treatment.If your lift shield moves slightly, your lash lift will suffer a little and not look like the photos that you referred to. This can happen because of different reasons but the most common is oily skin that makes the shield move, the direction of your lashes altered.
    1. Different placement styles to get the desired look!

Last lifts can be categorized into four different types. All our customers can choose one out of the four before starting the procedure. Explaining to your technician what you want always goes a long way. These four types of placement styles are:

    • Vertical Style Lift: As the name suggests, this type of lift directions the adhesive application in an upwards direction which keeps the lashes straight. This style makes your eyes look larger.
    • Cat Lift Style: By lifting the lashes upwards and outwards, the cat lift style focuses on lengthening your eye and giving you a dramatic look.
    • Open Lift Style: Open lift styles are also performed by lifting the lashes upwards and outwards. It offers a soft and delicate touch to your eyes while making them look larger. Perfect doe-eyed look!
    • Kitten Placement Style: In this lift, the right eyelashes are directed to the right side and the left eyelashes are directed to the left side to give a narrower and more intimidating look to your face!
  1. Secure loose skin.
    Loose skin can also be one of the reasons why your lash shield or adhesive is not sticking to your lash line properly. Especially if you have droopy skin, constant movement will also move the shield and not give you the best lift. Which is not something we want! Use paper tape or any tape that is not too harsh to secure your loose skin near your lashes.
  1. Use a minimum amount of glue/adhesive!
    If you apply a huge amount of adhesive, multiple lashes may clump together and cause an issue. This is not something you want to deal with because eyelash skin and hair are very sensitive, and we do not want any sensitivities, and the product will not penetrate through the glue to the hairs.And for that reason, always use a minimum amount of adhesive. If at any point you feel like you need more, go ahead and apply it. Much better than spoiling the scope of your procedure in the first go.
  1. Protect your skin with pads.
    Getting adhesive or any other solution around anywhere in your eye cannot be good. So, it is better to use pads and make sure that all the area around it is covered well!

Once your procedure is done, make sure that you:

  • Keep your eyes dry for 24 hours post-treatment. So, no emotional movies or situations. Please, toughen up!
  • This also means that you cannot be taking a shower and getting your eyes wet.
  • Use oil-free makeup only to avoid any hiccups.
  • Do not use mascara or make-up remover for at least 48 hours post your treatment.
  • Keep your eyelashes conditioned.

Maintaining these care tips is key in ensuring the effects of this procedure go a long way.

Now that you know more about these tips, you can perform your lifts better. And if you want a procedure without no risks, just visit a professional who has the right equipment, knowledge, and skill!

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