Why Lash Techs Should Not Use A Nano Mister

For as long as we have been applying eyelash extensions we have been told to advise our clients to not get them wet for 24-48 hours. We never really knew exactly why except that as they were still curing water would affect them.

This is essentially true but not exactly correct. After 17 years of being a lash technician and now a successful lash trainer I now have the real knowledge behind the theory.

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Lash adhesives use cyanoacrylate as a base to make them long lasting. It cures when exposed to moisture in the air over a 24 hour period. This polymerization process is when formaldehyde is off gassed. Some companies use less cyanoacrylate to cut down the formaldehyde production by cutting it with carbon or technicians can use a nano mister to shock cure the adhesive which means the adhesive has reached its hardening stage instantly rather than 24 hours. The advantage of this is for some clients they can be exposed to water straight away without the eyes stinging which can happen during the hardening stage if water falls on them. The disadvantage of this can be the adhesive becoming brittle and non-pliable and can result in bad retention which is not recommended.

Lash adhesive once exposed to moisture in the air lets off the dry gas which causes the hardening to take place which forms a hard casing around the lash but is still soft on the inside. Over the next 24-48-hour period the inside hardens naturally with natural moisture in the air and the glue remains pliable and ensures better retention on the client’s lashes.

By shock curing the lash adhesive with a nano-mister, yes that gives the clients freedom to swim, shower etc straight away and their eyes will not sting which is in favour of the client to a degree. The downside is it will result in lesser retention and the lashes will not last as long as the glue will be brittle and has not hardened naturally.

To sum it up lash adhesive needs moisture to cure over the 24 hour period fully but not water forcibly within that time frame.

So, my belief is to not interfere with the natural polymerization process. Instead work on technically being the best technician and advising clients on how to look after their extensions and between the both you will have improved retention.

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