CLASSIC LASHES – B CURL (30% off on 0.18mm Lashes)

Price: From:$13.99
Classic Lashes - B Curl
This curl gives the appearance of a naturally curled lash. The base of the extension is considerably straight with a natural lift at the tip of the lash.
  • 0.15 – Light weight used on fine-medium natural lashes for a softer, natural look and feel. This is the most popular lash thickness for a classic lash set.
  • 0.18 – Medium weight used on medium-strong natural lashes for a more dramatic full classic lash effect. Can also be used in conjunction with 0.15 thickness for those in between clients and for the hybrid scatter effect.



All our Classic and Volume lashes are:
  • Made from high quality heat resistant Korean PBT fibres
  • Semi-Matte finish with a consistent colour and no blue tinge
  • Made on the new Non-Sticky Foil backings to eliminate wastage
  • Vegan friendly

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