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Ceecees Beauty and Training in Melbourne offers a wide range of professional Lash Trays to help achieve the desired look. We provide eyelash extensions made from high-grade Polybutylene terephthalate or PBT fibre. It is important to consider the quality of lash extensions as cheap extensions often result in the following disadvantages:

  • Low retention rate
  • Brittle texture
  • Loss of curl
  • Difficult to handle, especially when it comes to volume lashes
  • Not heat resistant
  • Inconsistent colour discrepancies

Additives incorporated in making cheap PTB lashes have a reduced retention rate as it is likely to react with the glue.

Korea has been a producer of high-quality PTB, which is a type of plastic. Lashes crafted from this material are heat resistant (to a certain degree). This is a huge relief for your clients as they don’t need to worry about lashes falling out or losing the curl. High-grade PTB lashes are also able to retain their soft, firm curls and are resistant to humidity.

At Ceecees, we only offer the best beauty products in the industry, including lash extensions crafted from high-quality Korean PTB. Our eyelash extensions come in a variety of curls and thicknesses, as well as in lengths ranging from 6mm to 15mm. Our lash trays are also made with the latest technology of foil backing to prevent the backing from coming off, resulting in wastage.

What Are the Different Types of Lash Extension Trays?

Ceecees has become a one-stop destination for high-quality styling products related to eyebrows and eyelashes in Melbourne.

Classic Lashes are available in 0.15 mm and 0.18mm thicknesses. 0.15 mm lashes are a popular choice of thickness for a Classic Lash set as it is lightweight. These lashes can be for clients with fine-medium natural lashes to give a natural look and softer feel.

For a more dramatic full classic lash effect, go for our 0.18 mm lashes. These lashes are medium weight and can be used on medium-strong natural lashes. They can also be used with volume lashes for the hybrid scatter effect.

The thickness of the Russian Volume Lashes are as follows:

0.03 mm – Lightest volume weight recommended for 10-20D mega volume fans

0.05 mm – Medium volume weight recommended for 5-10D fans

0.07 mm – Heaviest volume weight recommended for 2-5D fans

At Ceecees, we have quality eyelash extensions in B, C, and D Curls for Classic and Russian Volume lashes. Our curls are made specifically for our requirements by our supplier so you can see the clear difference between curls.

Whether your client wishes for a natural look or a dramatic effect, Ceecees’ provides Classic and Russian Volume Lashes to help you fulfil all your clients’ needs. Feel free to contact our friendly team on 0437 376 969 or email us at for more details on getting lash trays in Melbourne.

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