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Henna Remover 50ml

This product is used to remove the excess colour from the skin or to remove the previous applied colour from the skin in and around the eyebrow. The product allows you to reduce the intensity of the applied colour by 1-2 shades. For colour correction/intensity reduction purposes, it is recommended to use the remover immediately after staining/colouring the eyebrows.
Application: Spray twice on the eyebrows making sure that the entire length of the eyebrows is covered, afterwards vigorously rub the area from where you want to remove the colour so the area is cleaned thoroughly.

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We have sourced out the highest quality henna products from India that deliver in quality and performance.
These henna colours can be mixed for perfect tone and colour matching.
  • Herbal water-based product free of ammonia and resorcinol.
  • Harmless to the natural hairs
  • Excellent conditioning properties that stimulate natural hair growth
  • Long lasting on the skin and hair (especially stubborn grey hairs)
  • Conforms with the latest EU cosmetic regulations

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