Russian Volume Starter Kit

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Russian Volume - Starter Kit

Designed for the beginner and those new to Volume lashing it has all of the basics to get you started and practicing Russian Volume fan making.
(Not suitable for technicians that have not completed classic lash training)

Tweezer – 45-Degree Volume,
Elite Glue,
Non-Woven Tape,
Glue Cream Remover,
B-Curl Silk Volume Lashes 0.07 – 10mm, 11mm, 12mm,
After Care Card,
Carry Bag.


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This Starter Kit is included for free when you book your Russian Volume Course with CEECEES.
  • Tweezer – 45-Degree Volume
  • Elite Glue
  • Non-Woven Tape
  • Glue Cream Remover
  • B-Curl Silk Volume Lashes 0.07 – 10mm, 11mm, 12mm
  • After Care Card
  • Carry Bag