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Superior-Quality Volume Lash Extension Kits Available Online in Melbourne

Over the years, Ceecees has become one of the top providers of superior quality volume lash trays in Melbourne. With our Volume Lash Extension kits, you can offer your clients a variety of Russian Volume lashes that cater to different styles, according to their requirements.

Russian Volume Lash Extensions is the next step of lash extensions as the focus is to add volume to the lashes. Here, the fans are created during the application, and it consists of multiple fine lashes. Our Russian Volume Lash Extension kits come in three kinds:

Starter Kit: This is the basic kit that has the essentials for certified lash artists to train and practice applying Russian Volume lash extensions.

Essentials Kit: This kit has more variety of volume lashes and can serve 50+ clients easily. This is suitable for lash artists who have just started offering the services.

Professional Kit: This is the best choice for salons having many lash artists or technicians wanting the most variety of stock, as it contains the items to create light and mega volume lashes. This can serve 100+ clients.

Why Order Volume Lash Extension Kits From Our Store?

When it comes to lash extension styles, there are plenty of options available. At Ceecees Beauty & Training, we help clients to make the right choice when ordering kits for their requirements. Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced Lash artist, salon, or training academy, we have the best variety of kits on offer.

At Ceecees, our experts ensure that you get value for money. Quality products that are safe to use on skin and lashes ensure the comfort of your customers and will help boost your business. If you have any queries, contact our friendly team on 0437 376 969 or email us at to know more.

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