The Difference Between Low-Quality And High-Quality Eyelash Extension Trays

Many usually wonder,is there a difference in Eyelash Extension trays apart from the price?

Yes, there is a significant difference, and it’s all about the science behind how lash trays are manufactured.

Ceecee’s owner, Carole, has been in the lash industry since 2002 as a technician, trainer, judge, and business owner.After many years of testing and research in the industry, we have sourced out the highest quality Eyelash Extensions. The results we have arrived at will give you an explanation as to why there is a difference in the price. It’s very easy to get drawn into purchasing the cheapest product in the market, but trust me, you and your client will know the difference! In this instance, the quality of the product is more crucial compared to the price.

Low-quality lashes can:

  • Lose their curl rapidly
  • Affect the grip and fall off quicker
  • Become brittle and crunchy to touch
  • Are often harder to work with, especially volume lashes.

Lashes are not made from silk or mink – that is just an advertising gimmick. For more information on this topic, you can read our blog:

Lashes are made from PBT, which is a type of plastic. This material is used because it is resilient to heat (to a degree)and wear and tear and it won’t lose its form.

The science behind it:

Korea is traditionally renowned worldwide for its superior-quality PBT, which by far no other country has been able to duplicate. As we know, China has cheaper labour compared to other countries, so most of the manufacturing is done there. Cheap, low-quality lash trays are typically made in China using Chinese PBT as raw PBT can be rather expensive. This cheap, low-quality PBT has additional additives, and low-quality ingredients are added to the raw PBT to bulk it out, saving money in the process.

The quality of PBT can be observed through a microscope – the further the tiny particles/micropores are apart from each other, the more materials, including gas and air,are placed into the PBT to bulk it out.

The picture below is an example of high-quality (left) and low-quality (right) eyelashes.

Having additional ingredients in the PBT can lead to many things:

  • High-quality PBT resists heat, so clients that blow dry hair, live in high humidity areas, or cook a lot will not have to worry aboutthe loss of curl in lashes or brittle or crunchy lash texture.
  • Additives and chemicals added to PBT to bulk it up can react with the ingredients in lash glue, resulting in lower retention rates.
  • High-quality PBT will stay flexible and soft, not brittle.
  • As low-quality PBT has more air particles in it, the bond between the lash and the glue is weakened, creating low retention.

Hope you found this information interesting and helpful! You can be assured that Ceecee’s Lash extensions have only high-quality Korean PBT. Remember that, in this case, you get what you pay for.

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